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Face of fox

At Logistics Fox, our culture is what defines us. Not only do we strive to be a company where our self-motivated staff challenges themselves to find innovative solutions to customer’s problems, but we also believe the relationships that we build with shippers, as well as carriers, contribute to an efficient and cost-effective service. We understand that not every customer is the same and enjoys figuring out the best way to improve your shipping experience however we can.

Our company’s founder, Ben Fauver, brings nearly a decade of experience providing customers with a high level of service while working with his employees to create a level of success that benefits all parties involved. The staff was chosen for their ability to collaborate closely with each other and customers to develop a broad knowledge of the carriers to provide the best all-around service for their shipping needs. We work hard and value that ethic and our standards for ourselves are what separate us from other logistics providers. Teamwork, integrity, creativity, passion, all while maintaining a fun-loving approach to life may sound difficult, but at Logistics Fox we know what we are capable of.

We are a collection of friends and family members who know what it takes to make a difference in the world. While hard work is the key to success, we know that success must be enjoyed and shared with the people we care about. Our attitude and approach to life are what make us different from the rest of the pack because of the value that we place in each other. This contributes to the growth and service of our customer base because we enjoy hearing from you, learning about your company, and using that knowledge to provide the best service we can. People are the heart of Logistics Fox and while we work to get the best prices with the right carriers, making people’s lives better is the ultimate goal.