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Image of LTL quote

The next generation of online quoting is here! Logistics Fox’s intuitive Transportation Management System (TMS) has been designed to make the quoting process for your LTL shipments easier and more accurate than other providers. Not only does our TMS offer direct access to dozens of carriers, but the pricing also reflects our dedication to matching customers with companies who want to ship in their lanes to provide the best service possible. We value our customer’s time, so we streamlined our system to take the hassle out of finding the carrier who will work best with you. Whenever a shipment is scheduled, an Account Representative is notified and contacts the carrier to ensure that every phase, from pickup to delivery, goes as scheduled. Any updated information will be promptly sent over at your request. At Logistics Fox, we know that our dedicated customer service goes a long way and while our competitive pricing speaks for itself, helping people is our priority. With our TMS, you can become part of our company-wide goal of improving the way shipments are handled.

A consignee is on the phone and wants an update on the shipment? No problem! Our TMS is your one-stop spot to track, schedule, and quote shipments quickly and easily. At Logistics Fox, we take the confusion out of online quoting and want to offer you the opportunity to help us make a product that is catered to your needs. We work very closely with the talented folks who designed the system and would love to hear any suggestions to help us improve the way you ship your merchandise. We want to hear from you! So if you ever have any questions, an Account Representative will be available to assist you. We at Logistics Fox thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve your shipping service and with our Transportation Management System providing savings and ease of use on your LTL shipments, you can be assured you are getting the best price with the carrier who will work best with you.