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Transportation Management Systems Improve Productivity and Cost

Controlling the process of ordering, setting pricing for a business and monitoring distributions from various warehouses is completed through transportation management systems implemented within a business arrangement. Logistics Fox Freight Solution’s TMS provides such services in any given circumstance there are inbound and outbound purchases. The management system will provide various routing solution recommendations. They will examine and assess the best and most economical transportation service provider. When the selection is made, the system will place the order, produce electronic load tendering to track and execute the shipment with the selected carrier and create the necessary shipping documents.

These systems have recently been offered to many smaller businesses that would not normally be able to afford this sort of sophisticated software to handle their transportation needs. Our TMS partner, project44, takes features from other systems and streamlines the process, resulting in an accurate rate every time. Compared to other systems, project44 utilizes API (application program interface) which interacts directly with the carrier’s website. Compared to other systems that may provide inaccurate pricing or cause a delay in communication between the carrier and the 3rd party. Transportation Management Systems streamline the quoting process saving businesses, no matter the volume of shipping, time and money.

A Transportation Management System regulates costs in two ways: it frees company resources with lower-cost alternatives, and it minimizes the costs associated with time in the perspective shipping department.

The consulting services offered by our Account Representatives are one of the more beneficial features of our Transportation Management System. Before recommending carriers and creating a username and password for the system, they are open to visiting your plant and applying their deep expertise to an examination of your entire shipping process. They can recognize inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and make recommendations to streamline your process. Total costs will be figured after your login and password for the system are created and implemented in your business. They will make certain you have all the information you need to completely manage transportation costs and make them as efficient as possible.